Headlight Restoration

Car Headlight Restoration Louisville KYIf you ever find yourself straining to see while driving in the dark, or squinting to make out street signs after sunset, it might be time for a headlight restoration. Each vehicle has a plastic lens that protects the headlights. Over time, these lenses become scratched, aged, cloudy, and pitted. This leads to a decrease in vision and an increase chance of accidents. Most modern vehicles use plastic lenses on their headlights, which are more prone to these problems than their glass counterparts. However, Xclusive Professional Auto Detailing can restore the bright shine to old lights for much less than a replacement.

Headlight restoration is an important part of our auto detailing services that can keep you safe on the road.

Modern Safety

A bright (high-beam) headlight should show objects 450 feet ahead while low-beam headlights should illuminate up to 150 feet ahead. Dirty headlights can cut visibility in half, faded covers can decrease visibility as much as 90 percent. Clearly, this is much more than a cosmetic issue. Cloudy lights pose a serious threat to your safety while driving at night.

Certain vehicles are more susceptible to headlight aging than others, but a complete headlight restoration as part of our auto detailing packages can protect you and your family on the road. Xclusive provides complete headlight restoration to clear up your headlights and keep your eyes on the road. Utilizing the latest techniques and highest quality products, we carefully restore each headlight to its original glory without damaging the lens.

Louisville Headlight RestorationClassic Look

For car restoration projects, nothing can ruin the front end more than cloudy headlights. Although you can paint, buff, and shine the body, headlight restoration is a different story. For classic car collectors and builders, maintaining the integrity of the vehicle is of utmost importance. Headlight restoration allows you to keep the original headlights, but restore them to their former glory through professional techniques from Xclusive. Finding replacement headlights in good condition from the right era can be nearly impossible. Use the headlights you have, and simply restore them to remove any discoloration or cloudiness. This maintains the value of the vehicle without compromising safety or appearance.

Professional vs. DIY Restoration

While there are several DIY products claiming to work for headlight restoration, this process is best left to the professionals. Complete restoration of cloudy headlights takes times and patience. If not done correctly, you may easily scratch your vehicle and damage the paint. At Xclusive Professional Auto Detailing, our professionally trained technicians understand the delicate nature of restoring headlights. We carry the highest quality products to provide you with dazzling results made to last.

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