Auto Window Tinting

The most common reason for tinted windows is to create that sleek, sporty, and classy appearance. Although visual appeal is a definite benefit, window tinting also increases your vehicle savings and safety on the road.


Window tinting is not all about looks. There are significant safety benefits that come with tinted windows. These benefits provide the driver with more control and decreased hazards on the road.

Window Tinting Louisville KYGlare: Glare can be not only annoying, but also a dangerous distraction on the road. Whether from direct sunlight, oncoming headlights, or bright snow reflections, glare can obstruct or even blind your line of vision. Similar to sunglasses, a tinted window does an excellent job of cutting glare, easing your eyes and providing safety on the road.

Glass: When an accident strikes, victims are often sprayed with sharp shard of shattered glass. Tint film is strong enough to keep windows from shattering, protecting victims from additional hazards in case of an accident.

UV Rays: Because window film can blocks up to 99% of UV Rays, it can significantly protect your health if you spent a lot of time behind the wheel. In addition to keeping the inside of your car cool, it provides an effective “sunscreen” for your skin.

Theft: In addition to the healthy safety features, tinted windows protect electronics and items inside your car. Thieves are less likely to break into a car when they cannot see what is inside.


In addition to providing several safety features, window tinting also provides a significant energy savings for your vehicle. Solar control films can significantly reduce air conditioning usage, which can extend the life of A/C systems and improve the gas mileage of your vehicle.


Darkened windows provides a sense of mystery, beauty, and give a stock vehicle a custom look. Window tinting enhances the look of any vehicle and makes your ride more comfortable. In Kentucky’s climate, a window tint of 20-40 percent is dark enough to maintain a comfortable climate in the summer, and still let enough sunlight in to keep the car warm in the winter. By controlling hot spots and unwanted heat, your car now looks and feels like a celebrity limo.

Professional Installation from Xclusive

Installing window tint is harder than most people think, and should be done by a professional. Do-it-yourself jobs can end up looking dirty, cracking, bubbling, and peeling. For Louisville and the surrounding areas, look no further than Xclusive Professional Auto Detailing and Window Tinting. We use only the very best in materials and craftsmanship and we guarantee your satisfaction. We ensure that all tint jobs comply with state and local regulations to guarantee you will be safe on the road. If you’ve tried it the other way, we also specialize in window tint removal to help you redo your tint so it is installed correctly and professionally.

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