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There is no one I’ve ever seen who takes as much pride in his work as Mike. He is a great leader and his crew follows along in the quality that he provides. If you want your car detailed right, he’s the man you wanna see!!
Austin O., Louisville, KY
This was my first time having my car detailed, and I was very pleased with Xclusive’s service. I was able to schedule an appointment a week ahead, dropped off my car in the morning around the time they opened, and was able to pick it up later that afternoon. The staff was very courteous, and they also walked with me around the car to make sure there were no issues when I picked it up. Using a Groupon was a great value, but I even would have paid full price for their service. With the amount of grime and bugs that was on my car, I was amazed how well they removed all of it. They vacuumed the interior well too. Great service all around. I would definitely recommend them.
Michelle A., Louisville, KY
They did a fantastic job. The location is convenient. The owner is professional and takes his work seriously. My vehicle never looked better. You definitely get what you pay for. Don’t bother going anywhere else if you love your vehicle!
N. Furman, Louisville, KY
I purchased the Platinum Showroom Quality Detail on Groupon. Now my car looks like it did the day that I bought it 6 years ago! These guys are the best! I will definitely be a repeat customer & I will be sending all of my friends to Xclusive Professional Auto Detailing!
Emily B., Louisville, KY
My minivan was filthy inside and it came back CLEAN. Almost looks new again. I’ve had my cars detailed at several other places but Xclusive is the best I’ve found in Louisville.
Brett K., Louisville, KY
Xclusive Auto picked my car up from work! They did the BEST job ever. Mike the owner works very hard to make sure that the cars are cleaned. I will definitely go back!
John K., Louisville, KY
They cleaned my car very well! I first called them and Mike, the owner couldn’t have been nicer. He told me they were full that day but if I needed to have it cleaned he could work it in later on in the day. I told him no it was fine I could bring it by after work the next day. He said he would be more than happy to come pick it up at my work clean it and bring it back. I couldn’t believe it! Mike and his partner came and picked it up they cleaned it, and returned it back to my work. It was a great experience. I would highly recommend them. They do a wonderful job. From the inside and out. You get what you pay for! The most expensive clean is definitely the BEST. My car was spotless and still is. Call them today.
Edward G., Louisville, KY
We bought a used car from a private owner. It was VERY grimy, to put it nicely. We had Xclusive pick it up, do a full detail inside and out, and drop it off back to us. They did an outstanding job. Without perfumes or fresheners the car smelled so much better. The cab was shampooed perfectly and there wasn’t one spot we were dissatisfied with. (I usually always find something missed, but not this time!) The price might seem high, but if you factor in the amount of hours they spend on it, and the great job they did, it is totally worth it- peace of mind that it’s done right the first time. They were very professional and I would recommend to everyone. Thanks for making my new-used car purchase even more enjoyable!
V. Buccola, Louisville, KY
These guys did an AMAZING job! My car literally looked ten times better than I’ve seen it since I bought it a year ago. Great pricing, but most of all, OUTSTANDING customer service. They told me things about my car that I never even knew about. As long as I live in the Louisville area, I will continue to go to them for all of my detailing needs. They made my 2008 Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG look like a spaceship that was built by Jesus. You will not be let down by Mike and his boys.
Jonathan R., Louisville, KY
WOW….after reading good reviews I decided to give this place a chance despite of the fact that their prices seemed slightly higher. However, I am 110% glad I did. Perfect customer service…they gave me a walk through suggesting what they can do for me. In my case, they told me my interior of my car would be spotless and polished and my cigarette burns will look like it were never there which was my main concern. I returned back to pick up my car and was shocked at the incredible job these guys did to my car. They made my car look brand new again and the cigarette burns had completely disappeared. Do not look further as you will not be disappointed! The process was smooth as can be and the work was nothing short of spectacular!
Krisha C., Louisville, KY
Our car is only 2 years old, but it looks better than it did new. Fantastic customer service and excellent workmanship all at a great price. Checked out a couple of the tint jobs they have done and will be getting that done soon.
Kenneth M., Louisville, KY
Talk about a businessman who understands how to get a repeat customer! Mike and his employees spent hours upon hours detailing our car to perfection. We were very pleased with the service and the attention to detail. They managed to get out stains that I thought were permanent, as well as paint from when someone hit our car on the street. If you want a true full service detail, Xclusive Auto Detailing is where you need to go.
Justin B. , Louisville, KY
Took advantage of a Groupon to have my wife’s car detailed on the inside and out. No issues with scheduling an appointment as they were able to book an appointment within a week. We dropped off the car the night before and the car was ready the following afternoon as promised. When we arrived the next afternoon, the car looked great and they met us at the car to review. Will definitely return to them with my other vehicles.
Philip R. , Louisville, KY
i bought my car this morning and had an appointment set up for a premium full detail, engine compartment and seat belt cleaning. my car has beige interior and is a 2011. when i drove off i literally could not tell that it was not brand new. i have had several cars detailed around town over the years but i have NEVER seen this much attention to fine details. The owner, Mike, was super hard working and went above and beyond. Great service and great attitude! i am returning to have the windows tinted on both our vehicles. i don’t write a lot of reviews but this guy deserves your business.
Michele J. , Louisville, KY
These guys are top notch! You get what you pay for, that’s for sure. I bought a car from an individual and it was trashed to say the least. I had the individual drop the car off to them before i took it home. Im sure glad i did! I also had the windows tinted while i was there. I can assure you this is some of the best work i have ever seen. Whatever it is that you need done to your car detail wise they can get it done (scratch removal, dent removal, wet sanding, window tinting, etc) dont go anywhere else!
2001BlasterFun, Louisville, KY