Why Should You Detail Your Car?

There is nothing quite like a new car – the shiny knobs, glossy button, smooth seats, and of course, that new-car smell. Shortly after you drive your polished new toy off the lot someone inevitably steps in with muddy shoes, spills a drink, drops a receipt here and a wrapper there, crunches crackers into the backseat and now your once-beautiful car now looks like a dorm room and smells like week-old takeout.
A complete auto detail from Xclusive Professional Auto Detailing turns back the clock and gives you back the car you purchased off the lot. Auto detailing is not just a car wash. It is the answer to maintaining resale value, protecting your investment, and keeping pride in your ride.


Why Detail Your CarThe resale value of vehicles decreases from the minute you drive your car off the lot. Even in less than a year, your car can be worth significantly less than you bought it for. An auto detail can help your car to look its best for potential buyers and keep your car looking and feeling brand new for years. On average, a vehicle that has been detailed will yield $1000 more in resale than a comparable car.


Did you know it is generally cheaper to replace your engine than it is to replace a factory paint job? Having your vehicle regularly detailed is as important as regular oil changes and tire rotation.


A professional cleaning, polishing, and waxing extends the life of your car’s paint, which also prevents rust and corrosion. This is particularly important in winter months when road salt can eat right through your paint. Detailing also keeps tires and wheels protected from corrosion and cracking.


It’s more than getting those French fries out of the backseat. Interior detailing protect surfaces from fading and help prevent cracking and discoloration of the dash panels.


Do you want to pull up and turn heads or clunk your way to work with a screeching halt? Whether you have a hot date, job interview, or you just want to make traffic a little more comfortable, an auto detail keeps your car looking and feeling brand hew. It doesn’t matter whether you have the latest and greatest luxury sports model, or if you have a hand-me-down sedan from your older brother, a clean car makes a big difference in any make or model.

The Xclusive Standard

Because there is no industry requirements, licensing, or training required to be a professional detailer, we created one. Our Master Detailer and expert craftsman, with over 20 years of professional experience oversees every aspect of our services and ensures that each car receives the same care and attention to detail. We provide engine detailing, wet sanding, professional scratch repair, carpet dying, pinstriping and odor elimination for the smells normal detailing cannot remove. We can remove paint overspray problems and hard water spots from glass. Let us take care of dent removal for those door dings and hail damage and even leather, vinyl, and fabric repairs.

If you are serious about the appearance, increasing the longevity and maintaining the highest resale value of your vehicle, then Xclusive Auto Detailing may be the answer.

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